July 13, 2006


So I broke another one of Leigh's bowls this morning. It was her red one. Canadian Tire provided an unbranded, earthy green replacement.

Moving forward with our food theme, we attended the urban farm show via the fringe festivalé. Sprouts, people. They's gonna be huge.

Moving farther forward, I had a fine chill with Brian at the Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market this evening, where we snacked upon cacao, gogi, and local cherries. We have an uncooking date!

There are currently two young (and very orange) coconuts on our counter.

Tomorrow's gonna be big. Really, really big.


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    it was more pink, i think. and the new one I would definitely call moss, with a hint of taupe :)

  2. No breaka the bowl! Breaka the bowl you buya the bowl!

    LALALALALALAL! (this is what Dash says)