June 18, 2006

Fast Fasting

I've been obsessed with food for years. What a preoccupation. Totally fascinating. But this afternoon, I decided to spend my time on other things. Or, at least, spend my time not-fooding. I guess I was always scared or skeptical, but today had the fasting vibe.

Amazing to gain awareness of this massive dependency, and to simply drop it. Only for a half day, but I feel the difference, especially mentally. Such clarity, now. Such energy! I'll definitely be following up on this-- it's given me ideas for some more drawings. You know, explore the concept. Search for new tangents.

I certainly wasn't hungry, either: I drank plenty of wah-tah and a couple glasses with a light mixture of lemon juice, cayenne powder, sea salt, and yacon. Sour, hot, salty, sweet. I'm ridiculously not hungry. Thanks, James, eh?


  1. Anonymous5:36 AM

    master cleanse todd? I'm shocked.

  2. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Awww, is addtadd aww nice'n snuggawee?